Giro d’Italia Ride Like A Pro will settle in China

The press conference to announce “Giro d’Italia Ride Like A Pro coming to China” was held in the Zhujiajiao Ancient Town of Shanghai Qingpu. Leaders of Shanghai Sports Bureau and Qingpu District and the CEO of RCS Sports and Event DMCC, the Vice President of Endeavor China, the “Legend” riders Contador and Basso, the current Miss Universe Italy Erica De Matteis witnessed the first landing of Giro d’Italia Ride Like A Pro in China. This is the first Ride like a pro event outside of Italy. It is scheduled to be held in Qingpu, Shanghai, by the end of this year. The route of the tournament will pass through important landmark sites and buildings in Qingpu District, such as Dianshan LakeOriental Green Park and National Convention and Exhibition Center. Drivers and spectators will enjoy the beautiful scenery of Qingpu, a green city in the south of the Yangtze River.


At the press conference, two legend riders, Contador and Basso, rode onto the stage “It’s a great pleasure to come to Qingpu and it’s a great honor to witness this Italian cycling race brand coming to China and to see more and more Chinese families enjoy cycling,” said the Contador who won the Giro d’Italia title twice. Current Miss Universe Italy, Erica, as the ambassador of the event, also came to the stage to greet the audience with “Nonghao” in Shanghai dialect, Erica said that she was deeply impressed by the beautiful scenery and special cuisine in Qingpu, Shanghai. She was looking forward to seeing the collision between Italian culture and Chinese culture. She was also honored to participate in the event as the ambassador.


Giro d’Italia Ride Like A Pro will adhere to the innovative and unique concept of cycling, take root in Shanghai, radiate China, attract more people to participate in bicycle sports, and will provide a new platform for the integration and development of bicycle related industries. Giro Ride Like A Pro will also add a great deal of color to the implement of the national strategy of integrated development of Yangtze River Delta in Qingpu District and the acceleration of industrial transformation and upgrading. This year marks the 15th anniversary of the establishment of a comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Italy. Next year, the two countries will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations. At this important historical moment, this international brand event, which gathers all efforts to build, will be based on the cross-border integration of sports and entertainment, take riding as a carrier and culture as a link to realize the internationalization of the interaction and convergence at home and abroad, the folk and specialized integration of hobbies and participation. Market-oriented integration of industry and industry docking brings new opportunities for pragmatic cooperation between China and Italy, and injects new vitality into traditional friendship between China and Italy. Further details will be announced after the sanction by Shanghai Sports bureau.


Brief Introduction to the Tour Italian Cycling Race

Giro d’Italia is one of the top cycling competitions in the world. Giro d’Italia Ride Like a Pro is a sports super IP with a wide fan base and influence all over the world. The aim of the race is to make the race a “Giro d’Italia Ride Like A Pro” – the experience of riding like a professional cyclist, and a race with international top competition standards and rich cultural characteristics. This “Giro d’Italia Ride Like a Pro” is the first time to bring its brand into China. The two-day race period includes not only a circle race suitable for viewers, but also a road race that allows fans to enjoy the charming scenery of Qingpu Waterfront. Fans can feel the charm of the classic Italian cycling race at their doorsteps.


► Why did Giro d’Italia choose Qingpu?

Giro d’Italia Ride Like A Pro will become an important channel for cultural exchanges between China and Italy. Qingpu is the origin of Shanghai’s history and culture. Major archaeological discoveries at the site of Qinglong Town prove that Qingpu is the earliest foreign trade port in Shanghai and one of the important nodes of the “Marine Silk Road”. Qingpu, as the permanent host of China International Import Exposition and an important bearing area of the national strategy for the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta, is moving from “the source of Shanghai” to “the gate of Shanghai”. Giro d’Italia Ride Like A Pro has built a bridge for cultural exchanges and cooperation between China and Italy. Legendary riders and related groups from Italy and other countries will gather in Qingpu to carry out in-depth exchanges and communication with Shanghai citizens, further enhance the cultural identity of the two peoples and consolidate the emotional foundation. Hosting this event will not only find a powerful carrier for building “Shanghai Gate” in Qingpu, but also help promote China’s high-level opening up.